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There are several ministries that makeup the Union Methodist Church. Each ministry is designed to serve God by helping in His children through education, compassion, and doing God's will. 

Prayer Meetings


Prayer Meetings are held every Tuesday at 10:00am and Thursday at 6:30pm. 

United Methodist Men and Women 


The Methodist Men and the Methodist Women take on ministries that support the Church as well as organizations/persons in need. Some of the groups supported included The Methodist Children's Home, Internal Outreach and more.

Missions Committee


The Missions Committees provides oversight for potential missions that members of the church are interested in. 

Hospitality Committee


The Hospitality Committee provides support to members and families during funerals. The committee ensures a light snack is available and serves the snacks following funeral services. 

Worship Committee


The Worship Committee ensures all measures are taken to prepare the congregations for worship. The committee ensures the pulpit is setup for communion and everything is taken down after services, pews have all necessary hymnals, Bibles, pens, and envelopes, lights are turned on for services, and the lights are off and doors are locked when the church is not in use.

Youth Ministries


Youth Fellowship and Homework Help meets every Monday at 6:00pm. The group learns and discusses the Bible and God's missions as well as supports activities as part of the Leos Group (a youth chapter of The Lions). The Youth Group is led by Keith Carroll and Crystal Seboe. 


The Choir is lead by Gene Schampp, with pianist Sammy Kinton. The choir meets every Wednesday at 6:00pm in the chapel and rehearses music for upcoming church services as well as special events. The choir does a final rehearsal 15 minutes prior to services on Sunday. 

Food Pantry


The Food Pantry distributes food to local families in Harnett County. The Pantry is available every second Wednesday from 5:00pm - 6:30pm, and every last Saturday, from 9:00am - 10:30am. 

Parsonage Committee


The Parsonage Committee is responsible for ensuring that the parsonage is maintained and is an appropriate environment for the Pastor and his/her family. 



The Education Committee provides oversight to the Sunday School curriculum and supplies, recruits Sunday School teachers, hosts events and implements measures to encourage Sunday School participation, coordinates Vacation Bible School, and plans activities for students and staff heading back to school in the fall. 

Children's Ministry


The Children's Ministry guides the Children's activities to include Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Children's Time. The committee provides guidance for Bible study and activities.

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